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  Posted on: Monday, May 17, 2021
Combating terrorist financing: Coordination and the ‘human element’
Nitin Sane, International Compliance Association
The nexus between transnational organized crime and terrorist financing is a contentious, ongoing debate.

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5/17/21   Combating terrorist financing: Coordination and the ‘human element’
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9/8/20   Online Extremist Funding Campaigns: COVID-19 and Beyond
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5/20/20   Terrorism Financing Continues Unabated During COVID-19 Pandemic – Analysis
4/1/20   Cryptocurrency Laundering Is a National Security Risk
1/21/20   Crypto terrorism funding grows more sophisticated, study finds
1/6/20   Law Enforcement Seeks to Destroy Terrorist Funding Sources
11/8/19   The FBI Thinks Cryptocurrency is a Threat to National Security
10/23/19   Financial Action Task Force Says Stablecoins Pose Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Threat
10/15/19   U.S. Banks Embroiled in Lawsuit Over Funding of Hamas Terrorists
8/26/19   Terrorists are turning to Bitcoin for funding, and they’re learning fast
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