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What is the Omaha Metro-Area TEW Group and why it is needed?

The Omaha Metro-Area Terrorism Early Warning Group (TEWG) is a public safety partnership consisting of law enforcement, fire, public health, emergency management and private sector agencies.  As a regional intelligence fusion center, the TEWG provides a multi-jurisdictional, multi-disciplinary approach to the collection, analysis and dissemination of information. Additionally, the Omaha Metro-Area TEWG works with government and private organizations to identify and protect the region's critical infrastructure and key resources through the implementation of the National Infrastructure Protection Plan.  This public/private partnership is committed to sharing and protecting information in order to enhance the near and long term preparedness capabilities of the Omaha area for disasters both natural and deliberate.

Intelligence and information sharing are the cornerstones of terrorism detection and prevention, and regional intelligence capabilities are essential to this effort.  The concept of the Terrorism Early Warning Group evolved to address the need for a more complete regional intelligence picture.  The Omaha Metro-Area TEWG functions as a conduit for communication between federal, state and local public safety agencies, as well as corporate and private sector entities. 

Who Should Participate?

Public safety agencies,including law enforcement, fire, public health and emergency management on the federal, state and local levels, have formed vital alliances to protect the citizens and businesses of our community.  These agencies often overlook the valuable role the private sector can play in keeping our region safe.  Through a coordinated effort, the participation and support of the Omaha Metro-Area TEW Group's corporate partners, in both Nebraska and Iowa, contribute value to the Omaha community that goes far beyond providing a safe place for businesses to operate.

Why Become a Partner?

The mission of the Omaha Metro-Area TEW Group is to provide a better, more complete form of information sharing, not just between law enforcement agencies, but across the entire public safety and business community.  Efficient information-sharing and information-protection processes based on mutually beneficial, trusted relationships help to ensure implementation of effective, coordinated and integrated critical infrastructure protective programs and activities.

The TEW network approach provides mechanisms, using information protection protocols as required, to support the development and sharing of strategic and specific threat assessments, threat warnings, incident reports, all-hazards impact assessments, and best practices. This intelligence and information sharing approach allows partners to assess risks, allocate resources and make continuous improvements to the community's protective measures.  Partners also benefit through valuable training hosted by the TEW Group on a variety of subjects relating to homeland security and risk mitigation.


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