Posted on: Tuesday, April 7, 2020
Food Security-National Security Pt 1, by: Bob Larson, April 7, 2020
“Being dependent on other countries, as we’ve seen for many of the supplies and equipment in our healthcare industry, the drugs, the PPE’s that people are screaming for, and having shortages of all those things, that we are dependent on other countries, if we were in that position for our food supply, just think where would we be right now in this country as we a pandemic like coronavirus. It would be a much different scenario that we would be facing.”

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4/7/20   Food Security-National Security Pt 1
3/24/20   Homeland Security Recognizes Agriculture as Critical Industry
2/4/20   Food and Agriculture Are Critical Infrastructures but also Domains of Future War
1/28/20   Agricultural Groups Urge Approval of CBP Funding Bill
1/21/20   DHS briefs Kansas lawmakers on business, agriculture threats
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