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The Chemical Transportation Emergency Center (CHEMTREC®) provides emergency response information to Emergency Services Sector (ESS) departments and agencies on a 24x7 basis for incidents involving chemicals and hazardous materials. Recently, CHEMTREC created two videos to explain its services and operations. One video is targeted to the chemical industry, the other to emergency responders-for their value in protecting personnel and their critical assets. The video for first responders outlines the process that begins with an initial 911 call, responders' arrival at the incident, the subsequent call to CHEMTREC, and continues by describing additional CHEMTREC services. CHEMTREC assists callers whose experience ranges from little to no training to those of highly trained hazmat teams CHEMTREC's emergency call center number is (1-800-424-9300). Source: Emergency Management and Response-Information Sharing and Analysis Center (EMR-ISAC) CIP INFOGRAM

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